About Us

A visual design and content development studio involved in TVC, film, and OTT production, started by Indrajit Nattoji in 2000.

Any script is our springboard. The arc of imagination that bridges the script to our final product is defined by understanding, thinking, visualizing, branding, sketching, and innovating – from concept to shoot.

And yes, we are religious when it comes to details of production design, planning and scheduling. At Blink Pictures, a good idea need not be limited by time and money.

To make a great idea or a story into a great film, we collaborate and work with a collective of top-of-the-line, like-minded talent and technicians, from India and across the globe.

We have tie-ups with high-end film and post-production houses in Malaysia, Thailand, Srilanka, Romania, Kenya, South Africa, and the Republic of Tunisia!

That’s what makes us Blink!